Your New Normal

Who would have thought that the start of 2020 would be the beginning of a new normal that you probably never thought you would experience in your lifetime. It came with wearing masks, social distancing, businesses temporarily closing and some permanently closing, as many states were on a mandatory lockdown. Most shockingly, all the lives lost. It’s staggering the number of lives lost in the United States and across the world.

It almost felt unreal as if you were in a movie. The novel Coronavirus – COVID-19 changed our lives forever. It was not just an epidemic, it was a global pandemic which has shaped how we have lived our lives for the last year and how we will live our lives moving forward. Extroverts were forced to become introverts. Parents were forced to become teachers. Kids were forced to learn and interact in a new environment. Corporations even changed their work models to keep their employees safe. 

Fast forward to today, there is a vaccine available which has allowed small businesses to re-open. Corporations have sent a portion of their workforce back to the office. And kids are slowly going back to school.

So, what does that mean for you?

Some of you are happy that outside is back open because that now means you get to see people, other than your family, again. People who enjoy going into work are happy while those, like me, who enjoy working from home are dreading being back in the office. Most parents are free to just be parents now that their kids are back in school. And kids are loving being around their friends and teachers again.

We aren’t too certain what the future holds because of this pandemic and its effects on everyday life. However, if you are reading this post, thank God that you made it. Thank God that your family made it. You just being here means that you can start anew despite what you may have lost. This could even be a time to do or complete what you have been putting off. Use this time to discover your purpose. We all have one. And most of all, cherish what’s most important during tough times like this…family.

Thumbnail Photo - Vivian Chan


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